Ethics and Tourism

I am searching for scholars interested into the relationship between ethics and tourism. Not that much on 'sustainable tourism' and CSR tourism, but rather the ethical implications of the tourist attitudes towards other people and cultures. I make use of philosophical phenomenology, but the question is also of relevance in leisure studies, sociology and anthropology. Sources are John Urry's Tourist Gaze, of Dean MacCannell's The Tourist as starting points, but also sociological and philosophical approaches of consumerism, such as Zygmunt Bauman. I want to focus on ethics: is there such a thing as tourist ethics? On the one hand, tourist are people that claim to have the right on everything (to see everything since they paid for it) which makes destinations mere objects of commerce. On the other hand, tourism is a means to encounter others and other cultures. I think it is a very important question for the next ten years, in which world tourism will increase enormously.