From Marx to Christianity, and back

In Bijdragen verschijnt deze maand "From Marx to Christianity, and back. Michel Henry’s philosophy of reality", de tekst van een voordracht die ik hield op de conferentie ‘Transcendence and Phenomenology’ van het Centre for Theology and Philosophy, in Nottingham. Volgend jaar komt er een Franse vertaling van deze tekst uit.


In the 1920s, the French phenomenologist philosopher Michel Henry (1922-2002) gets interested in Christianity--but does not join the theological debate. Inspired by Marx—who is usually considered an atheist thinker--Henry develops a radical phenomenology of immanent self-affection. In this paper, I want to explore Henry’s writings on Marx to find out how Henry understands and constructs relations between Marx’ philosophy of reality on the one hand, and Christianity on the other.